Costas Spathis (b. 1984) is a Greek artist born and raised in Greece. He studied architecture at University of Thessaly. Despite his architecture studies, his preferred artistic medium is photography.

In both his daily life and in his images, photographer Costas Spathis likes structure and order. A professional architect, took his adoration for the visual arts, from a very young age and taught himself the inner workings of photography. Specialising in drone photography and as an avid follower of new technologies, he continually explores and develops new techniques, new ways of creating and editing photographs. Working with innovative techniques and passion, he brings to his audience a perspective of our world, beyond the imagination.

Channeling his studies in architecture and design, Costa’s photography is built on linearity and symmetry. His style, graphic and minimalist, is the result of a savvy mixture of art and geometry. His early working life as an architect, was the main influence for his career in photography and he created concepts mainly inspired by the “eye of an architect”. Simple geometries and mathematical sequences are reflected in his work, dominated by symmetry axes, patterns, vanishing points and aligned positions. The human presence is most often displayed as an indication of scale and he remains attentive to the play of light and shadow to capture the best image at the best moment.

Geometry in nature, cities and everyday life, is the main source of inspiration.Taking an interest in the world from above, various landscapes, architecture and patterns, Costas transforms each scene with a modern freshness that highlights the dynamism of each place and builds moments between nature and humans. His goal is to attain perfection and his compositions hold to a happy feeling that transforms the viewer’s gaze into an enduring imagination for how beautiful, diverse and colourful can our life look.